The time has come and you want to slow down, enjoy life a little more, your grandkids a little more, or travel a little more. Perhaps your priorities in life have changed because of your health or that of a loved one. You’ve spent years building a name for yourself and a brokerage in real estate, so why settle for a one-time buyout when you could be enjoying the residual life?

Have you ever asked yourself what your business is truly worth? If you’re thinking in terms of traditional real estate, unfortunately it won’t seem like very much. But at EXIT Realty, we challenge the traditional. We won’t allow your dreams of a blissful retirement from real estate (yes, you read that right) turn into the stress of agent attrition and asset liquidation.

We see a shepherd who’s not only concerned for their future, but for that of their loyal agents as well. When you choose EXIT Realty, you not only benefit from 10% sponsoring bonuses paid from our Head Office as a thank you for building our company, for every salesperson you bring with you, you’re also giving everyone in your office access to this dynamic business Formula to build their future in turn.

EXIT is a company made of extraordinary people, who serve the people. We champion for the dream of homeownership and are charitable in the hearts of our communities. We celebrate human potential, foster mentoring, education and connectivity. We’re stewards for a greener way of conducting business, and we’re continually pushing the limits of real estate technology.

We create an EXIT strategy, tailored to you, to ensure complete satisfaction. But again, unlike traditional retirement plans, at EXIT not only can you retire, you can enhance your income as well. And why not, when you have a reputable name in the business, and years of experience in the art of recruiting, why wouldn’t you put those skills to good use in continuing to build your team, while building your retirement residuals as well?

Who you are, what you’ve built, and what you want matter because at EXIT you’re not just another transaction, you’re a leader, a person, and people are the very assets of our company. You’re a vital pillar in the foundation upon which our great people business is built, and upon which we will build our business of tomorrow.

Visit or reach out to one of our local franchisees in your area today. It’s time you start planning how you’ll enjoy your tomorrow.


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