AffirmationsAn affirmation is a declaration that something is true and focuses on a positive outcome. Habit formation over 21 days is the process by which new behaviors become automatic. What if you wrote affirmations in the present tense focusing on positive things about yourself and your life for one month?

EXIT Realty introduces the 30-Day Mental Diet, a 2-minute affirmations video you can watch every morning to kick start your day on the right foot.   The 30-Day Mental Diet is launched in conjunction with, the company’s stand-alone health and wellness website initiative including a series of articles, tips and tools promoting wellness at work and home. “Good health is the basis of a great life,” says Steve Morris, Founder and Chairman of EXIT Realty Corp. International. “This initiative encompasses the essence of EXIT’s philosophy; to be healthy, wealthy, loving and wise.”

Visit and take the 30-Day Mental Diet challenge. We’ve made it easy for you! Simply watch the video every day for one month and notice the positive difference it can make in your life.  Feeling inspired?  Write your own affirmations daily and witness how powerful your mind can be!


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