A commentary by Craig Witt, President, North Division, EXIT Realty Corp. International

All too often when I watch football games these days I witness one of the biggest blunders a professional athlete can make – celebrating prematurely. Take, for example, the football player who breaks tackles and runs downfield toward the goal line, then drops the ball due to a display of arrogance before crossing the goal line, only to be called down on the one yard line with no score. Or, the receiver who drops the ball – the ball thrown by the quarterback who threw him a perfect pass  – because he didn’t finish the job at hand, receiving the pass first and then looking ahead to the next step of running toward the goal. Their biggest mistake? They celebrated before finishing the work.

In real estate, we have similar acts of complacency with unfinished business.  Perhaps spending the commission before the deal closes; or assuming the listing is ours, therefore full attention is not put into the presentation and a competitor wins due to our lack of detail and follow-through. Many times, we are so focused on the outcome that we forget to complete the action that ensures the result.

As we proceed through the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2016 and we visualize the end of this year, let’s not forget the action steps necessary to ensure our desired result. In order to tie the whole year in a bow, Q4 requires strategic follow-through to set us up for a winning, and completed, year. For EXIT Realty’s franchise owners, the focus should be on leading our agents to finish strong, as well as on recruiting efforts for the busiest recruiting times of the year. In addition, ancillary partner relationship building and reinforcement should be part of your plan to grow each other’s business. For our agents, the focus should include client communication and appreciation, business planning, marketing consideration, budgeting and, mostly, reflection on what worked this year and what needs improvement.  It’s important to remember to give consideration to personal relationships as well.

I have a favorite quote I read years ago that says, “Anyone can start from now and make a new beginning.”  Procrastination can be costly, therefore it is important that a commitment be made to act without delay.  At the EXIT Realty Corp. International Convention last month, in The Bahamas (which I consider to be the best I have attended to date) the Affirmation Principal was mentioned many times by our speakers.  It is no coincidence that the habits of successful people include positive self-reinforcement and hanging around successful people. Make a commitment today to improve your life. You’re worth it, and you have absolute value.

Have a successful and productive fourth quarter!



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