Today’s real estate agents are bombarded with technology tools promising leads, but savvy professionals know that the proof is in the effectiveness of the technology to encourage real buyers and sellers to pick up the phone.

Since the launch of EXIT Realty’s geolocation Smart Signs™ technology company-wide, thousands of leads have been delivered to the company’s Associates across the continent.  Chris Rocheford, a sales representative with EXIT Realty Nexus in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, uses the technology on her listings. “I put one of the sign riders on a listing that had been on the market and remained unsold,” she said.  “Within a couple of hours I had multiple leads.  I responded as quickly as they arrived in my messaging cue!  I had converted the first two leads into clients within hours.”

When an interested buyer sees an EXIT Realty lawn sign and texts EXIT to 85377, the state-of-the-art system uses the geolocation positioning of the buyer’s mobile phone to determine about which of EXIT’s thousands of listings he or she is texting, and then instantly returns information about the listing to the palm of his or her hand and the listing agent receives an alert.

“I continue to use my Smart Sign™ riders on my lakefront listings,” she said.  “<The technology> generates leads; all you have to do is call them back.  If you are speedy, <the potential buyer> may still be in front of the property.  Talk about weird – talking to a man and wife on a boat and they are asking me about the listings around them.  How easy is that?”

Buyers get what they want, when they want it as easily as sending a text.  Sellers see marketing in action.  Agents are instantly notified.  This technology is available at no cost to EXIT’s Associates when their listings appear on and no additional fees are charged by EXIT Realty Corp. International on any leads generated from or from the geolocation Smart Sign™ technology.

“Geolocation makes it easy to pinpoint for a more efficient conversation.  More efficient conversations lead to faster know, like and trust status,” said Chris.  She is working with four buyers who texted EXIT to 85377 on her listings and directly attributes one closed transaction so far this year to EXIT’s Smart Sign™ technology.



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