Joni Alexander is just one of many people receiving beneficiary benefits because their loved one made the decision to join EXIT Realty.   “Every single time a check comes it’s just a moment to think of <my mother> and thank the Lord for her and that her legacy can continue in some way. It was a surprise, a gift, and more than just the money. To me, it continues to honor her, and all that the business meant to her, and all that she put into it,” she said.

EXIT Realty’s unique business model known as the EXIT Formula financially rewards EXIT Associates for helping to grow the company.  Head office pays them a bonus in an amount equivalent to 10% of the gross commission earned by an agent introduced to the company by the Associate to a maximum of $10,000 per year per recruit in a process known as sponsoring.  When an Associate takes a break or retires from selling real estate, their sponsoring bonuses convert to 7% retirement residuals and should something happen to them, their 10% sponsoring bonuses or 7% retirement residuals become a 5% beneficiary benefit for those they leave behind.  To-date more than $750,000 has been paid to beneficiaries across the U.S. and Canada.

Jill’s mother, Sarah Elizabeth “Beth” Schoeff, was an associate with EXIT Realty Estate Gallery in Florida who sadly passed away in 2013, yet still today, Joni receives beneficiary benefits as a result of Beth introducing others to the EXIT system.

“Nowhere else in real estate is there an opportunity to do the work once and get paid over and over again,” said Tami Bonnell, CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International.  “Not only can our associates earn more than 100% by taking advantage of the EXIT Formula, they can provide for their parental leave, illness or injury or their retirement, too.  And one of the most rewarding parts of our unique Formula is that they have the peace of mind knowing that through our beneficiary residuals, their loved ones will be provided for.  It’s a Formula that works.”

For more information about the EXIT Formula, watch this.


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