Four of EXIT’s founding icons were recognized last month as EXIT Realty Corp. International celebrated its 20th anniversary at the renowned Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas.  Steve Morris, Founder and Chairman, commented on the four leaders who have been with the company since its earliest days and who have played instrumental roles in its growth.

A focused, dedicated and consummate professional, CEO, Tami Bonnell has broken real estate industry records and works tirelessly to champion the growth of the organization.  “Her exceptional skill in recognizing and developing the strengths of others and leading our company’s leadership makes her a true EXIT Icon,” said Morris.

Joining EXIT Realty in its infancy as a Regional Director and later Regional Owner, Erika Gileo’s foundation in the trenches of EXIT Realty coupled with her vast real estate management background set the stage for her to lead the headquarters machine behind the entire operation as Chief Operating Officer.  “Erika exemplifies dedication, diligence and superior expertise,” said Morris.

Of Canadian Divisional President, Joyce Paron, Morris said, “Leading Canada’s leaders has been Joyce’s focus and passion since EXIT Realty’s early days.  Every day she demonstrates an exceptional ability to truly understand them, and to coach and mentor to get the most and the best out of everyone under her direction.”

Long-time Senior Corporate Administrator and “Queen of Convention”, Christina Luis, was also honored by Morris as an EXIT Icon.  To a roaring standing ovation, Morris surprised her with a promotion to Senior Vice President and a beautiful 2017 Tesla automobile.  Morris said, “Christina radiates love and has been the heart of EXIT Realty since the company’s inception.  She is my right arm and her creativity and diligence in producing our annual Convention as well as countless other invaluable contributions make her a much beloved and integral part of this organization.”



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